The Finnish-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

Committed to create dynamic network and trade between the countries  ©Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson

Dear Fin-Ice, visitor!

Welcome to Fin-Ice website the homepage of Finnish Icelandic Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Chamber is to be an active and independent body by supporting the trade between Finland and Iceland. This is mainly done by supporting networking between Finnish & Icelandic businesses along with organizing meetings, seminars & visits on topics that support trade between the countries.  

Last years have been active year within our chamber. Foreign Ministers of our countries met and committed themselves to ffind ways to boost the trade between the countries. 

 In 2016 FinIce and members were involved in few networking events:

Food and Fun in Turku was held in October for the third time. Nine restaurants, seven cocktail bars and three coffee houses took part in the festival. Food and Fun menu was also offered in local schools and kindergarten. Two Icelandic chefs, three bartenders and one pastry chef. The Food and Fun concept brought again Icelandic culinary professionals to Finland, and cooperation between the partners  continues as in previous years. The event was successful, got a lot of media attention and will be held again in october 2017 as apart of Suomi Finland 100 year centennial program. 

Tailor made travel event in Helsinki in October Promote Iceland organized a participation of Icelandic companies in cooperation with Icelandair in Finland. Iceland was the main theme of the of the event with own booth promoting  Meet in in Reykjavík, Iceland Luxury, Icelandair hotels and Bioeffect.  Icelandic culinary tastings served by Icelandic master chefs. Participation at the booth promoting Iceland in many ways.

Slush was held in Helsinki in November.  A delegation of thirty  participants from the Icelandic starts up scene participated at Slush and in a networking luncheon organized by the Embassy. A close cooperation with Promote Iceland, Icelandic startup and representatives from Slush.

We continue to work  closely with Embassy of Iceland. The Embassy host most of the chamber´s  meeting  along with co-operating with FinIce in different projects related to Iceland promotion in Finland and Iceland.  

  We welcome you to join our chamber and our forthcoming events.